I'm Marti Buckley, and this is my blog, Blank Palate.

I am a writer and cook living in San Sebastián, Spain. My first book (out September 2018 under Artisan Books) is Basque Country (buy it here).

I started this blog from my Alabama kitchen in 2007.  Since then, I've worked and written at a national publication, given birth to a daughter, cooked a couple of years under one of Southern cuisine's founding fathers, and pounded out freelance food writing.   I am currently working on the 2016 Wallpaper* City Guide for Bilbao/San Sebastián for Phaidon. I also write for outlets such as Travel & Leisure, AFAR, Olive magazine, Draft, Southern Living, Mindfood, Remedy Quarterly, Gucci, EITB, Costco Connection, Edible New Orleans, Okra Magazine, Reno Gazette-Journal, and Birmingham Magazine, just to name a few. I am a correspondent for AFARGucci, and Fitternity. I also work in Spanish-English translation, specializing in food, such as this book I translated.  Currently, I spend my time photographing, teaching cooking classes and various other culinary endeavours in San Sebastián, doing marketing for San Sebastián Food, and writing about all of it in both print outlets and on this blog.

I also appear weekly on Radio Euskadi, in Gastrosfera, talking about the food world both digital, local and global.

I created a little thing called the International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut, which is going strong worldwide. And makes me an official expert on vermouth by sheer quantity consumed,

My personal projects include an artisan popsicle business, called Pololo; a  2013 pop-up ice cream sandwich bakery bicycle called The Cookie, where I sold my artisan ice cream sandwiches, cookies, and donuts to unsuspecting Basque people.  You can read more about it in my interview with La Ser, Spanish radio, or via video on Basque television.

contact: martibuckley (at) gmail (dot) com

advertising/pr:  please email me for terms and more information.

camera:  All photos are currently taken with either my Lumix or Canon 20D.

photos: photos are copyrighted. please do not use any of these photos without my permission.

emails: Love your emails, keep them coming! If it's a question about "best places to eat in San Sebastian," I have boundless knowledge but little time to share it beyond the blog. Use the tags to search for "pintxos" or "michelin" starred restaurants. Or just email me :) I may work on a list of the best of the best.

Until then, you can check out:

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  • 365Cities, where every Friday I give a super-top-secret recommendation.

Who knows where next?

Non gogoa, han zangoa.*

*ancient Basque proverb: Donde van los pensamientos, van los pies/ Wherever your thoughts go, your feet will follow.

Want to see me on TV? Here:

NO es país para sosos 

One of two judges on a national cooking show.

Vagabrothers Travel show

For you English speakers...

Basque country news

Giving my piece on the state of young entrepreneurs in Spain.  (subtitled in Basque)