Right before bed:



"Is it 'the more blue eyeshadow the better' or 'go for a natural look'?"

Can you spot the American?


Your hair is getting long. Are you turning into a girl?

Buckley, to my sister's recently graduated from college boyfriend.


On tour, Buckley gets philosophical.

Mom, I have a question.

"Yes, B?"

What are you going to be when you grow up?

Oh, my.

Buckley's Parisian Guide to Proper French Pronunciation, Lesson I:


I wish I could have been a pop star.

(So the question: how old does she actually think she is?)

Buckley and Torto, the Basque mythological creature.  After being scared witless during our mythological walk through the countryside, she posed for a picture with him.

Now, she keeps asking, "Why did Torto love me so much?"

Buckley, the Basque.

She finishes eating and she sings. 

Even though the meal was breakfast (muffins) and the song isn't very typical of March (Kaldereroak).

After watching Home Alone for the first time:
 I wish you all would leave so I can bad like Kevin.

skyping with dad:

-CHIP: what did you have for lunch today?

-B: i don't know, probably babarrunak or somethin."

Today. San Sebastián, 85 degrees. I pick up Buckley from school, and she's still in her morning hoodie.

-ME:Do you want to take your hoodie off?

-B: NO!

We walk about a dozen feet. She proceeds to unzip her hoodie, rip it off dramatically, wipe her brow and sigh heavily. Seriously. In that order. Then, she looks to the ground and mutters:


I AM NOT JOKING. Definitely a learned-at-school word.

-i want cereal!

(the same exact phrase that we wake up every single MORNING. heaven forbid we ever run out of milk. it gets ugly.)

-I love my apron. 

(Buckley, thrilled with her garb for Dec. 21's Santo Tomás celebration, when all the townspeople dress in caserio gear)


(whenever one of three songs comes on the radio: "I Like It" Enrique Iglesias, "Love the Way You Lie" Eminem + Rihanna, or "Sick of Love" Robert Ramirez)

buckley started school a week ago.

                     -ME: who's your favorite classmate?


                    -oh, really? why?

-because he's so cute and he looks like justin bieber.



-i love colacao.


-i wanna go in there, with the lions. i wanna play with them.