festival de santo tomás: donostia, país vasco

Tuesday was the annual celebration of Santo Tomás, which has nothing to do with Saint Thomas, and everything to do with SAUSAGE, SAUSAGE, cider and more SAUSAGE.

The festival was similar to the recent Santa Lucía in Zumarraga...packed full of people, delicious smells, and bottles of alcohol.

And if you were lucky enough to have a little baby to dress up, like we are, you could go to a local colegio and see them sing Basque songs. And feel oh-so-proud when the teacher tells you your baby sings the best of all!

And then feel oh-so-embarrased when she screams her loudest at the sight of the biggest pig you've ever seen. Over 700 pounds, to be raffled off to some lucky, well-off city dweller. Hmmm.

And presiding over the twenty-four hour drinkfest is Olentzero himself.  The Basque Santa Claus, perched above McDonald's in the center of town. He brings you sugary coal if you're bad and can't resist the call of his pipe and bottle. My kind of guy.