el spaetzle de julia

For lunch (actually, I don't even know what meal it was. It happened around 5, which is a late lunch even by Spanish standards), the German girl we share the apartment with, Julia, and her boyfriend Simon fixed me a Bavarian specialty, spätzle. Käsespätzle, to be exact. 

You may know spaetzle in some form or another, but the classic dish is composed of a mixture of egg, flour, and salt. This dough, once formed, gets passed through one of these oh-so-special spätzle makers.

You load it all in the white part and just move it back and forth over a pot of boiiling water. Once these little dumplings (they look like little curds, or the other things that rhyme with curds) finish cooking, You layer them in a bowl with a special cow's milk cheese from Bavaria, and then smother them Waffle-House style with caramelized onions.

The final verdict? Käsespätzle = very delicious. It's like macaroni and cheese with a much better mouthfeel. Thank you, Germany. I asked her, towards the end of the meal, what a typical American meal would be for her. She said, a hamburger. I said, you and Buckley will get along just fine.

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