on the small screen : teledonosti, san sebastián

Yep, that's your good old Blank Palate, on the small screen. O sea, the rather large flat screen TV of our den.  This week, I was asked to join the late-night talk show program par excellence of San Sebastián, Keridos Monstruos by its majo host, Mitxel Ezquiaga.

We talked with some fellow bloggers and Donostian residents about everything from The Steve Jobs (typed that The on accident, but I'm leaving it) to the Duquesa de Alba. I'm not going to lie...it was surreal. 

Nothing like have to fend for yourself in pseudo-intellectual conversation for an hour, in your second language. On camera. With people you've just met. With a LOT of makeup on. AK.

Hope I get the chance to do it again.