the merendola: a birthday fiesta

Last night, we had some friends over for dinner. I told them we had been to one of Buckley's friend's birthday parties, and they said, "Oh, a merendola?" and proceeded to name every. single. thing we had to eat at the celebration. To the letter. Sandwiches with nocillo and with chorizo (de pamplona, of course).  Fanta, and Coke (and the more creative children mix the two in what I swear must be an early socialization in kalimotxo kreation). A little cake, and chips. The only thing we were missing, apparently, were the traditional olives.

But there were sack races, overlooking the Cantabrian sea. There was soccer and champagne. And there were apples from the family orchard, baked with cinnamon, butter, and custard.

 Delicious. And above all, we were so happy and honored to be invited to hang out with people we love. Buckley, I think, wouldn't mind switching families for a day, a year, forever...having A + S as sister and brother, and S + beloved G as mom and dad...thanks you guys!

Please note the soccer jerseys. Birthday outfit of choice. Barca fans...