san sebastián gastronomika: a dictionary

With the commencement of San Sebastián Gastronomika today, here's a mini-dictionary guide to the conference.

alta-the main section of the conference that offers a "panoramic view of 2011's gastronomy in a comprehensive programme" of chats and demos

brazil- one of the featured countries of the conference. chef to watch: Atala.

evolving, emerging and diverse gastronomies- the slogan of this year's conference. wonder who will tell them that the word gastronomy just doesn't work so well worldwide? or maybe we Americans will have to come around.

gastronomika-culinary conference taking place today, tomorrow, and Wednesday in San Sebastián, Spain. one of the world's premiere gatherings of its type

larousse gastronomique- the legendary French encyclopedia of food, to be presented in its Spanish translation this year at the conference

local- not so much a buzzword for the conference in the sense that we often use it in. refers to the grand lineup of chefs-from-here that make their appearance at this year's conference: Aduriz, Arbelaitz, Arguiñano, Arzak, Berasasategui, and Subijana.

luis irizar-this year's featured chef, one of San Sebastián's most important fathers of cuisine. His restaurant was the first in Basque Country to receive a Michelin star

mexico-another spotlighted country. chefs to watch: Ruiz, Oteiza and Alonso.

off-a section of the conference focusing on all the various parts of the restaurant industry, apart from kitchen: management, front of the house, hotels, etc.

peru-the final cuisine to be celebrated during the conference.

popular-the section of the conference open to the public