Mission Cookie : Bilbao

Well, it's that time again.

Time to put on my superlady cape and go save Bilbao.

From what? From their lack of brown sugar, from the complete absence of crunchy-chewy chocolate chip cookies, from the sheer fact that they have never tasted a shortcake in their life.

That's right, it's time for another American Baking class. Just like the ones I gave in Beasain and San Sebastián, I will be teaching these Basques a thing or two about really, really fattening and delicious desserts (some may say, my area of expertise).

How do you convince a Basque to take this class? Here's what garnered a sold-out crowd over at the Glutton Club website:

  • How to transform saturated fats and pure sugar into delicious desserts.
  • How to do it like an American (trying the dough in every step of the process). For quality control, not lack of self control. #ak.
  • Learning the use of the term sugar high, very American, which means you have eaten a lot of sweets and are feeling the effects.
  • Learn what is the source of the obesity epidimic in the United States.
  • How to make the best cookies in the world.
  • How to drive yourself crazy with recipes that aren't measured normally, but in  cups, tablespoons, teaspoons

Tempting, no? Stay tuned in for future classes....