donosti news: goiz-argi + el lagar

Breaking Pintxo news here in Donosti-San Sebastián.

The revered Goiz-Argi in the old part of San Sebastián, ran by Juli and her partner, has officially changed hands. Saturday was the couple's last night in the bar, and they're currently retired, laid back with their feet kicked up (we presume). This means the city's most famous shrimp, served grilled atop buttery bread with vinegar-y onions and peppers, could be extinct. I say could be because the bar has changed hands...but let's just say the situation doesn't look promising, based on up-to-the-minute word of mouth.

In other, less recent news, the Gros pintxo bar El Lagar, better known as the bar next to Mil Catas, has closed.  Will enjoy watching tourists continue to try visit it over the next year. Don't feel too sorry for them, though...I always preferred Mil Catas.