Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending a unique event here in San Sebastián's palacio Miramar, Cook & Fashion.  It's a dinner that combines a runway (which this year featured Andres Sarda) and pintxos, in an irresistible combo of haute cuisine and haute couture. So cool. 

What would an event, filled with the upper crust of one of the world's most pija cities, be without some swag? Chocolate and perfume. Love the packaging.

We were arranged throughout three rooms of the seaside palace, and the models entered in the first and paraded through to a lovely soundtrack of forgotten but quickly remembered songs of the 90s (think that one that's like "I try to say goodbye and I choke..."). Each one carried a different small plate, created by a different local chef according to their dress's design.

This design was the one that garnered the most applause...for the dress, for the model, and for the pintxo. Glamour pero glamour.

The night's theme was thoroughly feminine. The couture was lingerie based, and all the chefs that cooked for the event were females this year. There were creations from a wide variety of styles, from Aizpea Ohaineder of Xarma to Egoitz's tia from her restaurant next to his sidrería.

The food, as is to be expected, was super colorful (check out those green spaghetti!). It also had its highs and lows, just like fashion shows. But the exciting part of this event was seeing chefs step out of their comfort zones and be challenged to think a bit. And it just makes sense that this happens in San Sebastián, which is already at the forefront of all things culinary. 

Below, my two favorites: foie on olive cake with muscovado sugar and yogurt of the day with a ball of idiazabal creme and breadcrumbs.

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