on y va: st jean de luz, france

A few weeks ago, we went to visit the beautiful French coastal town of St. Jean de Luz. It's just south of Biarritz, in French Pays Basque.  It's a gorgeous, charming resort town, with all the classic French touches and macarons and croissants coming out the ears. 

In winter it's fairly empty, but has a nice small village feel. I can't imagine how it is in the summer, when folks from deep inside France head down to vacation.

The city centre is gorgeous and quaint. The church is worth an entry, too.

There's a mini-mountain at the end of the beach promenade, which boasts similarly breathtaking views of the water that we have here in San Sebastián.  At the top are sculptures, a cute whitewashed lighthouse, and a cliffside walk.

And then, of course, there's the food. Typically French, and, as is to be expected, incredibly delicious. Financiers that make you want to slap yo mamma. Or your beautiful friend who is visiting you and serving as your French translator.

When it's time to leave the sweet tooth behind, your best bet is to stop into any of the sidewalk cafes, settle in with a bottle of Bordeaux or Beaujolais, and get some classic French bistro food.

A safe bet? The always delicious croque monsieur, which is to France what croquetas are to Spain: the no-fail, ubiquitious bar food. You can't go wrong. Then just sit back and enjoy the French coast and the incredible views of this tiny Basque coastal town.