eating ethnic in san sebastián

This is a topic I am still in the midst of researching. Everybody knows pintxos are amazing. And that a good chuleta is hard to beat. And I personally can't think of much I prefer over nutty, melty jamón ibérico, spiced red chorizo de pamplona, and sheep's milk cheeses from the neighboring hills.

But it's a truth that San Sebastián doesn't have much in the way of ethnic restaurants. There are a dozen horrible faux Chinese restaurants, one embarrasing sushi joint, a decent Indian place that will probably be closed soon for lack of clientele, and two Mexican restaurants, one of which serves tortillas with pimentos del piquillo and chicken breasts. O sea, NOT Mexican. I've also heard talk of a Russan restaurant.

But thanks to a friend, I found a gem in the rough of Amara. And it turns out, you can eat decent Colombian food here:

This, arepas, Colombian beer, and more! This is one happy girl.