San Sebastián Gastronomika. In a Few Words.

San Sebastián. The world's greatest chefs. An exchanging of techniques, ideas, and old-fashioned facetime.  Put it all together, and what do you get? San Sebastián Gastronomika.

Star of the show=France, as invited country.

Flavors the flowed from the fount of 'nouvelle cuisine' at SSG12: Roast duck, mushroom, sorrel, apple, black truffle, cassis, wild herbs, beets, walnuts...many of these modified with a place name. A return to terroir.

Spanish chefs=wilder combos. See above in La Grand Bouffe, a light-hearted cookoff between eight young chefs. Coconut,  herb charcaol, tapioca, lime granita, fermented garlic, soy sauce, parsley foam, spider crab, green tea, barnacles, smoked tuna, frozen gazpacho.

foto via Katharine Giery

And, after parties. Ice-cold French oysters, champagne, gooey cheeses, fried chicken, chefs and journalists happy.

Good Year.