The Post-Loaf Dinner : Astoria 7

It's a well known fact that all good things must come to an end. 

And, in my opinion, all good things that come to an end should be celebrated with a great dinner! Case in point: The Loaf. What better way to celebrate the end of a pop-up bakery than a dinner with all involved, showcasing bread at every step along the way.

The dinner took place at Astoria 7, one of San Sebastián's hippest places to stay. Bread-based pintxos to start, then a huge chunk of foie with sauces and toast.

Breadcrumbs over a sous-vide egg with green garlic and a strip of chorizo reminiscent of bacon.

Seared calamari with black 'croutons' and guindilla pepper. Here we paused for a tearful toast and salute to the team of the Loaf, Dan Lepard and all the bakers ( see photo above).

Roasted deer. So good. Then to finish with a lovely dessert, inspired by brioche. The part that looks like bread is actually vanilla ice cream, and the part that looks like ice cream was a spherical, brioche flavored goo. Awesome.