Veg in SanSe: Random #1

So, in a fit of Sunday productivity,I have signed up for a little thing called National Blog Post Month. My idea is to select on of my 11,267 photos at RANDOM every day and see what I can tell you about it.  See what memories it conjures up of my life here in San Sebastián.

What you see above you is, curiously enough, a photo of a series that never made it to the blog. It's an entree of seitan and vegetables at one of San Sebastiáns four (at my last count) vegetarian restaurants, Landare. I will temporarily declare it the best, pending my visit to the hidden one in Egia.

We enjoyed this meal one lunchtime with my wonderful 18-year-old sister. She came to stay with us in our spare bedroom for a couple months, serving as nanny and general romantic teenager set free in Europe. *sigh* to be young again...