I'm in the United States.

For the first time in nearly two years.

Having trouble adjusting:

Pros consist of: big black coffee, big frozen coffee, spices, margaritas, baked goods, southern accents, sunshine.

Cons are: crappy lattes, lack of seafood (never thought I'd say that), lack of..people (in the street), cars, English, weird schedules...

..from an eating point of view, I have certainly had some special meals. Like at Ma Peche, with an incredible steak tartare and crispy pig's head with lentils.  Or at L'Artusi, with a gamut of delicious pastas, better wine, and amazing desserts. And of course, there's Momofuku Milk Bar, soooo conveniently located around the corner from my friend's upper west side apartment.

All that to say that, if you note a lack of Basque postings, now you know why. But you can follow me this week on the BasquesAbroad twitter if you want. Te echo de menos, país vasco!