365 tuesdays

Just a few miles outside of San Sebastián lies what could be the world's best anchovy producer, Anchoas Maisor. Whenever I get the urge on a random Saturday, I make my way to Itsas Mendi in Getaria, their storefront. I grab a few boxes of cured anchovies, some verdel, and the most essential item, jars of boquerones (what they call marinated anchovies in these parts). I take these anchovies, perfectly fileted and cleaned, home and top them with vinegar-macerated onion and peppers. The anchovies, topped with the tangy mixture and a drizzle of olive oil, all on a toasty piece of bread is the best snack ever.

Part of the 365 Cities project.

Anchoas Maisor
Puerto Getaria   |  ☏ 943 140 993