Interview with Andoni Luis Aduriz

Just a day after one of the best meals I've EVER had, a meal that hit the highest notes and reveals a restaurant that is continuing to evolve and never satisified with stagnant excellence, I came across an interview with the man behind it all.

Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz.

Loved this interview, and loved that upon reading it I saw glimpses of my meal. Loved that his ideology and opinions are so strong that they maintain themselves as they are turned into food, pass through the hands of young chefs, then waiters, all the way to the diner who then makes a connection between tastebuds and thought.

Some key quotes from Aduriz:

As with writing, inspiration can be found anywhere – even in something as simple as a cup of coffee. I’m working now on a dish inspired by melancholy: I live in a valley that is very atmospheric, where you see the change of seasons starkly. In autumn, when the leaves fall to the ground, decomposition is very fast. In the dish I use a camellia leaf, made to appear skeletal – it reminds you of the passing of time.

And on Basque cuisine:

A very light touch can be as effective as something much more forceful. If I could, it would be interesting to serve a grain of salt to a diner.

And finally, revealing what the world's number 3 chef thinks about his food in the hand of peers:

It would be really hard to set up, because some of the inspirational people I’ve worked with in the past would probably mess up my restaurant, and I would end up doing the washing up afterwards.

The interview in its entirety can be read at the Financial Times website.

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