The Loaf: A Sneak Peek

Summer is threatening here in Donosti, with the ever steady influx of Australians and oh-so-slightly higher temperatures.

But this summer will be different...

Because July 1, The Loaf (in a box) opens in Donosti.  The Loaf is a very special project: a three-month pop-up bakery, located in premium real estate on the Urumea in front of the train station. The star of the bread is Dan Lepard, master baker and author. The architect of the containers is Javier Bueno. And the evil geniuses behind it all are my friends and fellow salseras at La Salsera.

The excitement has been brewing for months, with our Alex doggedly pursuing bureaucrats and Andoni complaining of stomach problems. Hard at work.

Just to bring good bread to the citizens of Donosti. Crispy crusts, a beautiful crumb, masterful artisan creations. La Salsera does everything they do for the good of humankind.

Don't miss the opening on July 1, or my baking classes each Wednesday in July. You can buy tickets for these and more here.