Arzak, Re-Visited: Part Two

A couple weeks ago, I posted a happy post about my delicious meal in a month or so ago in Arzak. Playful amuse bouches, impeccable fish, and flavors from across the world.

This is part two of that post. Also known as the part where I complain a little.

The desserts were NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

This is cute. This is the Peine de los Vientos, a popular sculpture in Donosti, by Edward Chillida. It's really beautiful, but reduced to the size of a soup spoon on my plate at the number eight restaurant in the world, it was just....cute. And I expect more than cuteness from a restaurant of this level. It's got to be delicous. And this dessert was...okay.

Moving on to a dessert that I did not like AT ALL, and that for some reason unknown to me remains on the menu, it's The Balls.

There's a lot of them. They're cold, hard, and when you break them in your teeth cold, gelled liquid gushes everywhere. Gross. Reaching for the napkin to spit some out gross. I want to love you, Arzak desserts,  I really do!

***positive insert***

The ice creams were truly delicious. Great flavors, such as basil, and just the right texture.

***back to that weird crunchy stuff***

As if to taunt me, the balls re-appeared in square form. Citrus flavored. Enough already. Three desserts that are basically the same? No.

And...more cuteness, this time in the form of a footprint and shoelaces. Better tasting than the sculpture plate, but with too many unecessary elements.

But, I want to end this post on a high note, because it truly was a great meal. This was a dessert that I also had the first time I went to Arzak: the fractal fluid. It appears before you, tracing lines as you watch, then you mix and spoon over another plate. For me, it's beautiful, clean, simple, and delicious. So, a success.

Have YOU eaten at Arzak? I want to hear what you think about your meal and the desserts.