Scenes from Stockholm

A recent trip to Stockholm. A weekend to explore the cold, sunny Nordic city and its fourteen islands (I ended up settling for three). Here are some scenes. Food comes later...and trust, it was AMAZING.

Phone booth in Södermalm.

Fall leaves on the cobblestones of Gamla Stan.

Thimbles from across the world, spotted on a window in Södermalm.

The market in Östermalm, full of mushrooms and tiny, ripe strawberries.

You just have to have the coolest tattoo shop ever, don't you, Stockholm?

Meats on display in Södermalm.

Matcha tea latte at Johan & Nyström in Södermalm.

The streets of Gamla Stan, old town.

And Stockholm by night, perhaps my favorite view. A big shout-out to my dear friend Ingrid for the great tips.  Stay tuned for the FOOD.