My Donuts vs Basque Country : Live

 I'm not THE most patriotic American.  But recently I found myself standing in front of the stars 'n stripes, billowing in the wind, attempting to uphold my country's reputation for sweet, glazed donuts.

The Basque television station, ETB, had called me a few weeks before to see if I could represent America on their popular show, Duelo En La Cocina.  They wanted to know if I would be willing to bring the classic American pastry, the donut.

How could I say no? That's how I found myself with two fellow Americans in a field in Basque Country, face to face with some of the best artisans from these parts.  Potato chip makers, bakers, and a morcilla maestro that decided to turn his attention to hamburgers.

Each product, potato chips, hamburgers and donuts, faced off one by one in a blind taste test.  Judges included local chefs as well as Michelin-starred ones from Madrid, like Diego Guerrero.

And artisan donuts got the closeup they deserve. I love seeing three grown men primp and fawn over them.

 I can't say whether I won, but anyone around these parts can tune in on November 17 on ETB to catch Euskadi vs USA and hear me defend my country's maligned culinary treasures.