Eating Paris, Part I

So, you thought my culinary rundown of our Paris trip was going to be filled with starred accounts of tasting menus and famous chefs? 

Well, we'll get there eventually. But meanwhile, for my first "Happy Eating in Paris" moment, we're going direction guarrada. If you know me, you know I love a good crunchy, puffy snack.  The kid in me was thrilled to see a whole new flavor range on the shelves of french hypermarchés. Roasted chicken, curry, provençal, and these beauties: Mustard Pickle. Which actually translates better to English as "mustard chutney," but as someone who spent her childhood eating white bread, French's mustard, Kraft singles and pickle sandwiches, I'm invoking "this is my blog na na na na na" rights and sticking with Mustard Pickle.

If you've traveled abroad, you've probably noticed that chip companies in particular are masters at globalization. Check out this ridiculous list of the Lay's flavors from across the world. On my bucket list to try? Cucumber and guacamole (Poland), Lasagna (Argentina), Kebab on Charcoal (Egypt). On my list to avoid at all costs? Scottish Haggis (UK).

Leave a under I'm Asking with your favorite foreign junk food. Inquiring minds want to know.