The Perretxikos Are Coming!

You know it's springtime in San Sebastián when the sun's not really shining, rain can strike at any moment, and the perretxikos start to show up in fields and markets everywhere.  Today I had my first perretxiko sighting of the year at one of my favorite greengrocers.  These mushrooms, also known as St. George's mushrooms, are on the expensive side, ranging anywhere from 75 to 300 euros per kilogram (that's $45-$180 dollars a pound).

As you can see, this particular lot caught my eye because they were so. dang. cute. Some of these little fungi were no bigger than a pinkie nail. Here, the Calocybe Gambosa is often served sauteed with scrambled eggs.  Secondarily, you may find it sauteed with garlic and parsley in typical Basque fashion.  An aficionado friend of mine likes them shredded raw over fresh bread and drizzled with olive oil. I like to enjoy their light, earthy flavor sauteed alongside the tiny peas that are also in season (and if they're de lagrima, even better).

Frutategia Baratze,  in the old part of San Sebastián

75/euro kilo