Doughnut Sunday Tips

Hey there, beautiful.

**warning, this post is full of sexy glazed pictures of doughnuts**

Living far from the bounties of the world's fattest country breeds many things, like healthy eating habits and sometimes food envy. But it also breeds necessity. Like, I need a donut (chocolate chip cookie, big black coffee, pickle, etc etc).

So I made some doughnuts. And, while I will not be posting the slightly-secret recipe, I will leave you some tips you can apply for when you decide to make them at home.

Tip #1 for Homemade Doughnuts. Aim for excellence. Don't settle for blah doughnuts at home, because you CAN reach Krispy Kreme levels of excellence.

Tip #2: Let your dough rest a day or overnight. Beautiful, yeasty dough that I couldn't resist frying up the day I made.  The resulting doughnuts were fine, delicious even. But this morning, a full 24 hours later, we fried up the rest of the dough and the difference was astounding. Lighter, fluffier, less resistable.

Tip #3: If your doughnuts don't look like they've risen enough before frying, let them rise longer! This step, allowing them to get all light and fluffy until they tremble to the touch, is super important!

Tip #4: Don't let your oil get too hot. You will end up with a dark brown doughnut that's raw in the middle.

Tip #5: Drain, drain, and drain again. Get that grease off that doughnut!

Are you inspired yet? If not to make your own, at least to hop in your American car and drive towards the Hot N Now sign?