365barcelona, The Book

A few months ago, I spent many nights and weekends tucked away in Kelly's Pub in Gros, drinking gin and tonic and translating this book.

365barcelona is the print version of the project 365cities, and it contains a total, current, and complete rundown of the most delicious parts of Spain's best big city. From Bar Tomás to La Boquería to significantly more hidden spots, this (cute!) little book gives you a real rundown and photo for each recommendation, written by some of the coolest folks in the city.

I loved translating it...and can now say I know my way around pretty much every food term in the Spanish language. And a bit of Catalán as well. And I love this:

I honestly hope this book picks up some steam and recognition...there is seriously NOT a better resource for food and drink recommendations in the city of Barcelona. It's literally like having the most knowledgeable local holding your hand through the city.   This book = at least two days of surfing the web trying to decide what to do and where to go. I personally think that's worth a few $$.

And I'm not just saying that because they sucked up to me in the acknowledgments.