Antiguo is one of San Sebastián's lesser explored neighborhoods.  Tucked away in the westernmost part of the city, it's protected from the majority of tourists by the 30-minute walk required to reach it. However, Antiguo has its fair share of hidden gems, including a restaurant run by two up-and-coming young chefs and what may be the best tempura pintxo in the whole city. Last week I set out on the trail of a new one, after seeing this video:


Txubillo labels itself "Basque-Japanese" fusion, which sounds like the most ridiculous combination ever. Beginning with the decor. I questioned whether I had stumbled upon the wrong Txubillo when we arrived to the entrance and a sign that can only be described as 'de toda la vida', wrought iron and in Basque medeival font.  The dining room is total Basque tavern, until you look closer and see slightly oriental touches. But, as my friend and I found out over a jar of sake, it works.

I wouldn't mind getting this salad a little closer to home. Ensalada del mar, a vinegar-y mix of octopus, fish, shrimp, mussels and crispy lettuce. Perfect for summer.

And sushi, a mix of nigiri and rolls, with the standout being the tuna so typical to this region, bonito.

Finally, duck with pisto, the local version of ratatouille, spiced up with soy sauce.

We left without trying the green tea pannacotta.  A wrong that will soon have to be righted.

Txubillo. Calle Matia, 5, bajo  20008 San Sebastian