Zelai Txiki (Restaurants You Should Know About, vol 2)

Not too long ago, I wrote up a restaurant love of mine, a post on Rekondo.  As I mentioned, it's one of those places in San Sebastián that, for whatever reason, visitors too often overlook. A member of that mysterious price range bracket that tourists opt out of, going for either pintxos or Michelin stars.

Today I wanted to share another gem that lies off the beaten path: Zelai Txiki.

It's a fabulous place for a few reasons: what's not to love about their updates on traditional Basque cuisine? A prawn salad, but with pistachio crusted shrimp instead of cold gambas (top). A crunchy morcilla bite, made with puff pastry instead of being breaded and fried.

Another reason that in and of itself makes a reservation recommendable? The view from the lovely terrace. Zelai Txiki, a small family-owned restaurant, is perched atop the Eastern side of San Sebastián. And on summer nights, looking out over the city is the perfect way to eat a dinner.

And the final reason? The wood-burning oven. Call a day in advance, and you can reserve a roasted sucklin pig or lamb.  Crunchy exterior. Slow roasted. Tender. Showstopping when it arrives to the table...a must-do for meat lovers.  

Thanks to friend Jon for introducing me to this place...it used to be on our list of don't tell anyone, but fortunately for you, readers, the veil of mystery has been lifted.  So reserve and enjoy!



Zelai Txiki : Calle de Rodil, 79, 20013 San Sebastián (make reservations on the terrace)