The Zinemaldi Vermuteke

My life is a mess, and sometimes beautiful things come out of it.

One of my favorite 'initiatives' that I've been involved with in San Sebastián has been The International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut.  Why? Because it was born out of real passion, a passion for a sweet, bitter, forgotten beverage. Because I started it with one of my best friends in my home away from home.  Because it brings happiness to a ton of people, and in a different spot with different vibes and surprises every month.

It's a vermuteke, and behind-the-scenes, it is a lot of work. Coordinating with some incredible artisans, from the Rioja to Cataluña to Galicia, crafting looks and coming up with never-done-before ideas, and all to celebrate something that I just really like.  We shop, we prep, we promote, and we sweat, all up to the last moment when we slip on our slightly coordinated dresses and put on our hostess faces. 

That is absolutely the moment when a sip of vermouth tastes best.

Here is a video of September's vermuteke...I hope it inspires you to attend, or at the very least, to pour a vermouth.

Vermuteke Zinemaldi Edition from Vermut Society on Vimeo.

The classy poster I drew up: