The International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut

"We are lovers of vermouth. Recovering the tradition since 2014."

And so begins a movement. What may just be the first society devoted to vermouth, that misunderstood and underappreciated fortified wine. Most of you know it as a complement to vodka, in its dry, white version. My vermouth is completely different. My vermouth isn't in a green bottle, it's not only Martini, it is strong, it is deeply flavored, and I almost always drink it alone.

Vermouth is a pre-dinner snack. Vermouth is a Sunday afternoon before lunch, hanging on the streets outside of tiny bars.  Vermouth is the best.

This intense love prompted me and a friend to create this, the first ever International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut.

 Vermut in Action

Our first event is this Sunday, in San Sebastián. A vermuteke, which in English would roughly translate to 'swell old fashioned Sunday party featuring vermouth':

Join the Movida

I hope all of you vermouth lovers out there read this and decide to join us! We'll be planning events, talking about vermouth, growing, and enjoying! You can find us here:

web (coming soon):