All Up In Lucky Peach

Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting behind-the-scenes at one of my favorite restaurants ever: ASADOR ETXEBARRI. For one of the coolest magazines ever, LUCKY PEACH.

My shots from this unique restaurant, whose mantra is basically 'Grill the freshest foods we can get our hands on', are now on the shelves in the March issue of Lucky Peach magazine.

My friend Kevin was the writer/interviewer of the piece, and we sure did have a fab time 'researching' and 'interviewing' the very interesting Victor Arguinzoniz.

For 'researching' read eating and for 'interviewing' read chilling in the kitchen and chatting, while drinking txakoli and snacking on mushrooms, fish, clams, etc.

Another bonus? Seeing how one of the world's top 50 restaurants works, including their secrets and techniques (rhubarb. that's all I can say).

Can't get me enough of this guy and his delicious food.