All Up in The New York Times

Yes! That is my name under that photo in this Sunday's New York Times.  You can read the article here, which also makes vague mention of my summer pop-up The Cookie

Yes yes yes yes!

Okay, so back to the article. It was about my friend Kevin's San Sebastián restaurant, La Madame. It's one of the most solid mid-range restaurants in town, even though it gets skipped over by some locals for being too "different" and by some tourists for not being "basque". Truth is, it's delicious and it actually is Basque, in a very authentic, contemporary, non-Disneyish way. 

That's why today I'm bringing you the top five reasons to visit La Madame:

Reason #5: Kevin & Team

The staff at La Madame has a slightly more *ehem* American approach to customer service. Read: they're nice. And Kevin is a great person to talk to if you are interested in food.  Or Crossfit. Or professional football.

Reason #4: The Ambience

For New York-style cool, La Madame wins out over anywhere in Donosti. The lighting is perfect for night, and it's got a great mix of daylight and darkness for those Sunday brunch hangovers. I've even found myself dancing around the restaurant a couple times.

Reason #3 : Cool Stuff

There's always something cool brewing under the radar at La Madame. Whether juices or hip hop, it's a hub for one corner of Donosti's food scene. Right now, you can find Basqueland Brewing Project beers at the bar, Basque country's newest microbrew.

Reason #2 : The Bar

One of the best cocktail programs in the city, with a distinctly American bent. Definitely the widest variety of liquors...a home away from alcoholic home.

Reason #1 : The Food

The top reason to visit? The food. The shrimp tempura is perfect. The chicken wings are perfect. I may have been the top consumer of their burrata in 2013 and their grits in 2012.  The menu changes often.  And hey—it was in the New York Times.


La Madame ::: Calle San Bartolome, 35, San Sebastián ::: 943 44 42 69