Sometimes the very thing you want is hiding right in front of you.  So many days I was feeling under the weather, or unhealthy, and found myself longing for something besides fresh-squeezed OJ. Yes, I appreciate that it's available in every respectable café for kilometers. But sometimes you just want something green, something with more oomph.  So when I walked into a cherished neighborhood café to the sign you see above, my heart skipped a beat.

"Are these juices?" I asked.

"Yes, fresh squeezed," said the owner.  And it's all a bit informal, you just chat a while about what you want in your juice, she might make a recommendation about what is good at the moment, and a few seconds later you have your own REAL juice.

A beautiful specimen: beet, carrot, and orange.  Fresh squeezed fruit and veggies, to your specifications, for only 2.10. Also available to take away.

Cafe Tal :: Calle San Francisco, 6. San Sebastián.