broken computers + magazine covers

First things first, I am sure that some of you are wondering what the heck is going on. Wondering if I´ve jetted off to some foreign land, leaving you alone to re-read cold pintxo posts (no!). Wondering if I've given up blogging all together (never!).

On the absence has a much more mundane explanation: a computer on the fritz.  My 2011 Macbook Pro has so many problems, and right now it is consigned to a sad corner in my local Apple authorized dealer's room, to sit and think about what it's done.   

Until I can get back on my digital feet, I wanted to post something that was a total surprise and honor, which is an interview I had with the folks at Global Living Magazine.  It turns out that my words on being an expat entrepreneur were chosen as the cover story for this month´s issue! What an honor.

Although, let's be honest, with the cuteness of The Cookie bike combined with Maite's hair....that's a combination no one can resist....