Alegria Takeria

Alegría is Spanish for happiness.

And what other feeling, really, could accompany the newest Mexican restaurant to step foot in San Sebastián? Confusingly, it takes the exact same spot as the former worst Mexican restaurant in Donosti, El Sitio de Magueyal, or something, whose closing is proof that there is a taco-eating God.

Alegría Takeria is quite different from its predecessor: fresh-from-the-freezer appetizers give way to housemade guacamole.  Sauces shine instead of coming from the bottle. 

First we tried the ceviche. This, the only ceviche on the menu, features chunks of marinated bonito, red onions, diced peppers and of course, leche de tigre.  Our thoughts? A must order...spectacularly balanced and perfectly seasoned.

There was a long list of taco options....including one with solomillo and foie. We steered for the more mainstream option of pollo txipotle.

I liked the presentation, and the taco was passable, served in a warm, soft corn tortilla. But the star of the table for me were the sauces. Tomatillo, picante and muy picante, as well as the pico de gallo style that came with one of our dishes...they make the entire visit worth it!

We finished with the Alegría burrito, tasty and well-priced. In fact, all the dishes are

As far as the Mexican landscape in Donosti goes, this is the best that I have tried. I still have to make my way to the mysterious Antiguo spot...but until then I'll be quite content with margaritas, ceviche, and some guacamole.

If you're looking for the restaurant, here they are on Facebook. Make sure to reserve!