Brunch In San Sebastián : Ambigu, Part 1 of 4

When it comes to brunch, we can probably all agree on two things. The first? It is awesome. The second? It has no natural place in the eatingscape of San Sebastián, Spain. 

Despite this tiny detail, a smattering of restaurants have started offering brunch across the city in the last three years. Not all of them do it right, but there are a few that can satisfy even the most homesick American on a Sunday morning.

Over the next month I will bring you my top spots here. The first spot is Ambigú, a thoroughly hip little eatery in the old part of San Sebastián. They make all the mandatory nods to attempting to be different: arugula, occasional live music, and Pinterest-y design details. 

Their brunch menu is both a la carte, featuring various egg dishes, and prix fixe, with a menu that includes an amuse bouche, fruit, a first plate, a second main plate, and a dessert, as well as coffee, for 17.90€.

The amuse bouche is always something small, in my case warm watermelon with a balsamic drizzle. Then comes the bowl of fruit, which is exactly what it sounds like and seemed to cause the waiter a bit of worry when I didn’t dive voraciously into my cut apple, banana and kiwi.

Then came the first course, a chilled green melon soup with some crispy jamón and chives. It was nice, for summer, and, hey, who doesn’t like pouring soup from a milk bottle over a cute little stick of ham ribbons? That's what I thought.

Then came the main event: eggs benedict on cristal bread, a thin, lovely bread that is a bit trendy around these parts. Scattered with bacon and crowned with arugula, this was definitely the highlight of the meal. Going back, I would likely only order this plate.

I took the carrot cake home, hence the lack of photo. It was good enough as carrot cakes go but I didn't actually eat more than a bite.  Take that to mean what you will. Ugh, I'm such a baked goods snob! 

More brunch spots coming soon....if you have any suggestions, throw them my way!

Ambigu Estación
C/Aldamar 12, 20003
San Sebastian - Donostia, Spain
+(34)943 049 701