Lunes Lekuak (My Monday Spot)

I honestly hope I’m not ruining anyone’s secret here, because this place is so awesome. Located on the hill leading up Miraconcha, i.e., the street-that-nobody-ever-walks-up-especially-not-tourists, Bar Resaka is wonderfully cutre. In this case, cutre, that catch-all Spanish word for kitsch, cheesy, crass, unrefined, out-of-style, means a neon light, the very name of the bar itself (which means hangover), and the Basque lodge style decor. It reminds me of the Red Lion, or of a society hall in the Appalachian mountains—perhaps, in part, thanks to the Johnny Cash and 50s country played by the bartender. The cherry on top is the huge window that doubles as a bench, looking out onto La Concha Bay.  Showing me there’s still surprises out there after five and a half years.