Agur 2015!

And good riddance!

It’s not quite right to say that 2015 was a bad year.  After all, I had changed jobs, from baking at The Loaf to all things creative and word-spreading at San Sebastián Food. I got some amazing writing gigs. Hey, I became the weird foreign spokeswoman for traditional Basque dishes on national television. Two friends and I supplied San Sebastián with the best popsicles I’ve personally ever had. Vermut Society got serious. Okay, so how could it be a bad year?

It’s been a time of transition, that’s all, of friends coming and going, of emotional uncertainty, of grown up things happening and having to have grown up attitudes about it when all you want to do is cry/scream/kick something. Of quieting my heart when maybe I shouldn’t. If it’s possible that we bring on vibes and luck and actions, I trace the uneasy feeling back to 2014 and turning 30. I caught a weird mania about it, and it was a weird, manic year.

What’s kept me sane this year? Physical exertion, for sure. Keeping active is how I keep from blowing off steam in other ways.  Time with friends. I notice when time goes by and I haven’t had any heart-to-hearts. A few good books that came at the right time. Finishing a long-term project (the first part, at least) and looking forward to it bearing fruit.

And in the end, through it all, I still live in the most beautiful, amazing place in the world. Next to the beach. And the mountains. And all the vermouth and pintxos ever.

In 2016, I have some goals. 

  • To turn my focus inward
  • run my own race
  • figure out the deepest part of me and follow it
  • keep everything clean and true and healthy
  •  re-find my natural positive outlook

Oh yeah, and post more around here...sorry *sheepishly*. What are your goals? 

You know what? I have good feelings about you, 2016. Come on—I. Am. Ready.