Things to Do in December | San Sebastián

Hoping to make this monthly....I felt like I was lacking a place for worthy events here on the blog. Worthy, in this case, means events that I would personally like to attend.  Totally arbitrary and not based in any scientific fact.

Here is a list of a bit of what is happening in San Sebastián this month (a week late):

  • december 10 ::: VERMUTEKE, VOL XVI ::: Another fiesta from the International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut: a remember edition in Sirimiri, with all the cocktails of the last year of vermutekes in Sirimiri, with a Studio 54 theme. (Sirimiri, 19.30, FREE)
  • december 12 ::: KANTUJIRA ::: Singing through the streets, in Basque.(Calle Iglesia, 12:00, FREE)
  • december 12 ::: BASQUELAND BREWING PROJECT PRESENTATION ::: The favorite local brewers present their newest brew, Coastal Eddie Black IPA. (BBP Hernani, 19.00, €30)
  • december 13 ::: SUNDAY DANCES ::: As the ad says, live music from yesterday, today and always; a magnificent occasion to dance. You should know but not fear that it is geared towards senior citizens. (Mercado del Antiguo, 18.00)
  • december 20 ::: GIPUZKOA DANTZAK Goizaldi Dantza Taldea ::: The repertory of Basque dances considered most important in the Gipuzkoa tradition. (Victoria Eugenia Club, 12:00, 15, 12, 10€)
  • december 21 ::: SANTO TOMAS ::: One of San Sebastián's most important fiestas, the celebration of the influx of rural dwellers to the city to pay their yearly taxes. (Old Town, All Day, FREE)
  • december 22 ::: HANDEL'S MESSIAH ::: It's Christmas. Need I say more? Presented by Gabrieli Consort. (Kursaal, 20.00, 51 / 41 / 33 / 27 / 12€)
  • december 24 ::: OLENTZERO PARADE ::: The Basque Santa makes his way through the streets of San Sebastián. (FREE)
  • december 31 ::: NEW YEAR'S EVE ::: A tough night in Donosti...why not spend it in the cozy comfort of other people who disdain the cotillons that are expensive and always the same? (Dabadaba, 23.30, 50€)

If there's something I missed, please leave a comment or shoot me an email for future editions.