Monday Lekuak (Lugares del Lunes)

Sweeping views of the river, dumping out into the sea. When you're in there alone, it's just you, echoes, and sometimes the sound of wind whistling outside, especially now, in winter.  

This new addition to the blog, Monday Lekuak, is Eusko-English to say that on Mondays I will be featuring my favorite spots in Basque Country to just be. It might have to do with food, or, like in this case, it might just be a special place or even a special moment captured in an image.

This, the first edition, is from inside the Kursaal, that distinguished square building in the front row of San Sebastian.  Or, as a snide Cali hipster stranger once informed me, San Sebastián's only example of modern architecture. Jmmm, you learn something new everyday.