Lunes Lekuak (My Monday Spot)

This Monday's spot is a curiosity that not many people know about in San Sebastián. Each week, when I drop Buckley off at hip-hop dance class, if it's sunny I go sit in the grass of the long thin park next to her school. Sun, birds, dogs, passers-by, and the feeling of being on the periphery of the city.

 Right above the crest peeks out one of San Sebastián's few examples of modern architecture. (That somewhat pretentious statement is a shout out to the San Franciscan hipster on his European Tour that gave me a lecture about San Sebastián and its architecture and gastronomy randomly in the street a couple summers ago.)  The iglesia de Iesu is a curious, minimalist church that seems cold and Ikea-y at first but is actually quite interesting when you focus on the careful, simple details, such as the modern take on a catedral's cross-shaped nave.  And it's a beautifully ironic-without-trying-to-be piece of social commentary—the basement houses a gigantic supermarket.

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