Surfilm Festibal + Plate Selector Food Truck Talks

This weekend, there's a big old festival in San Sebastián. It hasn't reached the heights of the jazz festival or Zinemaldi (yet), but it's growing every year: the surfilm festibal

Apart from the crazy lineup of surf and ocean-related films, along with Chile as the invited country, Plateselector has organized a Food Truck Tour that's making a stop through San Sebastián (after a scary successful weekend in Zaragoza).

I'm lending a hand to these über cool people, organizing a series of chats with some of the people I most admire on the Donosti foodscape: Edorta Lamo, Pablo Loureiro, Kevin Patricio, the chefs from Elkano....and the list goes on.  We've also managed to snag Kimi Werner, whose video about swimming with a great white almost brought me to tears. 

The schedule is below.....a don't miss for this weekend in Donosti, people!