Brunch in San Sebastián : A Fuego Negro, Part 3 of 4

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. That is, essentially, what prompted this post, the latest in a series about how to make brunch happen in San Sebastián.  Spaniards have a propensity for brunch, when viewed through the broadest of lenses as a meal with eggs around eleven or twelve o'clock.  So, although you may not find a Brooklyn-worthy brunch around town, you will find a million egg and potato omelettes and orange juice for days.

a fuego negro

It makes sense, then, that my third pic for a brunch spot is a place that has one of the best tortillas (Spanish omelettes) in town: the perfect in-between runny and gooey, intense yellow-orange, with tender bits of potato and onion.  They also have their own vermouth, Beltza, which makes a convincing case next to a vermouth superstar like Casa Mariol.  Very, very convincing.

And...surprise! They moonlight as a world-famous pintxo bar: A Fuego Negro.

dj a fuego negro

With the same care that they use to craft inside-out fried calamari and baby burgers with ketchup buns, they get together a perfect tortilla and an absolutely delicious vermouth. Then they add a secret ingredient, which played no small part in getting them on this list: a live DJ spinning vinyl on (many a) Sunday. 

For the chef/owner Edorta and his socios, music and culture plays a huge role in gastronomy, one that their bar has always embraced. 

tortilla a fuego negro

So, it may not be a legit 'brunch', but it's a very delicious loose translation.

a fuego negro
Calle 31 de Agosto, 31
+34 650 13 53 73

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