Things to do in June : San Sebastián

zurriola beach san sebastian

We're kicking off June with cold and wet here in San Sebastián, though you wouldn't be able to tell by the photo.  That's thanks to San Sebastián's meteorological affinity for packing four seasons into one day. The Basque hardiness means that the cultural agenda is packed despite any diluvial rain, freezing wind, or a sun that beats down mercilessly.  Here's to June:

  • june 1-5 ::: WORLD PUPPET FESTIVAL ::: From human puppets pedaling in the sky to more traditional puppetry, the World Puppet Festival takes over San Sebastián. (Everywhere, various, FREE)
  • june 2 ::: PINTXOS & BLOGS ::: A roundtable and dinner in the basement of local gourmet shop Pantori to talk about tourism and the future of our dearly beloved yet quickly changing city. (Pantori, 20.00, €25)
  • june 3 ::: HOWDY ::: Some Anglo-Saxon friends play a free concert of their rocking rowdy folk music. (Picachilla, 21.00, FREE)
  • june 8 ::: JOSHUA ABRAMS/NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY ::: Hipster beard, hipster instruments, and what will surely be a not-to-miss concert at hip local venue Dabadaba. (Dabadaba, 20.30, €5)
  • june 10 ::: MEET THE MAESTROS ::: A tasting with local craft brewers Basqueland Brewing Project at San Sebastián Food Cooking School. (San Sebastian Food, 18.30, €18)
  • june 10 ::: TERRAZA OPENING ::: A summer classic kicks off: the Terraza of Bataplan. See, how to enjoy Bataplan slash La Concha nightlife for Grownups. (Bataplan, 22.00, FREE)
  • june 11 ::: TALLER HORNKONPON ::: A workshop on how to use recycled tools and appliances to create something new. (DSS2016 headquarters, 10.00-14.00, FREE)
  • june 17 ::: JOHN BERKHOUT ::: One of the few local bands that everyone loves returns to the stage. (Victoria Eugenia, 20.00, €7.20-14.90)
  • june 22 ::: CHRISTINA ROSENVINGE ::: This classic artist of pretty lady Spanish grunge singer songwriting puts on the concert she was scheduled to perform in April. (Teatro Principal, 20.00, €18)
  • june 23 ::: SAN JUAN ::: The annual bonfire on the Zurriola beach to celebrate San Juan and summer—witches dancing and romerías and all that sort of thing. (Zurriola, 20.30, FREE)

That's all folks!

If I missed something, leave a comment...