Things to do in August : San Sebastián

August is a month where all the "real" people get swallowed by crowds and crowds of people from various countries.  Accordingly, the local activities take on a different scale, turning into gigantic, government-funded festivals.  Therefore, this list is summer-short:

  • august 4-31 ::: QUINCENA MUSICAL ::: Donosti's most hidden of festivals, unique classical music happening behind closed doors across the city. (Everywhere, various)
  • august 13-20 :::SEMANA GRANDE ::: San Sebastián's big week, a week of too many things to do and nights of every single person doing the exact same thing: gathering to watch fireworks and then eating an ice cream cone. (La Concha & across the city, 22:45, FREE)
  • august 14 ::: Presentation of 'illa' ::: A hip gathering of photographer Salva Lopez's work in a hip clothing store (Dela, 20.00, FREE)
  • august 15 ::: Abordaje ::: The pirate-themed "race" from the port to the shores of La Concha is a sight to see, as long as you're not in a hurry. (El Puerto, all day, FREE)
  • august 28 ::: MUSIKA PARKEAN::: Everyone's favorite concert in the park, one of the best dates in the city, as long as it doesn't rain. (Miramar, 19.00, FREE)

That's all folks!

If I missed something, leave a comment...