San Sebastián Gastronomika 2017


It's that time again...time for the yearly global food conference that is San Sebastián Gastronomika. 

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This conference gathers all the local talent, both from Basque Country and from across the Iberian peninsula.  However, it also reunites chefs from further afield.  This year's spotlight country is India, and the names are big and varied.


From the respected Indian chef, Manjit S. Gill, to the chefs J.P. Singh (Bukhara),  Praveen Anand (Dakshin), Gulam Qureshi (Dum Pukht) and Varun Mohan (Royal Vega), the Indian chefs that were on today showed the classic Spaniards what is what in the world of spice, curry and masala. “ Just the words transport you to a far away place, where everything is brighter and more intense.  Those were, in fact, the words of Gill: “Indian cuisine isn't spicy, but intense. A plate can change totally if you use a ground space or a whole one, if you use it to prepare or add it to the finished dish. You have to know how to use them." 

All this plus a special spotlight on Julian Marmol, from Yugo the Bunker in Madrid, who was called up on stage by Martín Berasategui and cited as a young chef whose talent is wowing him.

And of course, the familiar faces are always representing...

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