Pintxo Astearteak (Tapa Tuesdays)

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It's Tuesday...again! And I'm taking you to Bilbao...again!

There's three pintxos on this plate, but please direct your vision to the pintxo at three-o-clock. This crunchy duck with apple is one of Irrintzi's most famous bites.

The big lesson in pintxo bars is don’t judge a book by its cover, or a bar by its garish bright orange and green décor. Wise words here at Irrintzi, one of the best pintxo-laden counters in Bilbao’s Old Town. Owners Yoli y Marian offer pintxos with a non-traditional twist, like the popular vegetable burger with pea dust, falafel with yogurt sauce, or the crunchy duck with apple. They manage to do so without alienating local tastes—therefore you can always count on this spot to be pleasantly packed.  The miniature cuisine of Irrintzi is a playful, welcome respite from more traditional neighbors.

Santa   Maria   Kalea,   8
48005   Bilbao,   Bizkaia