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Well, I am super happy to announce that this year, 2018, marks the return of Pintxo Astearteak. For all you non-Basque speakers, that's Tapa Tuesdays to you. And each week, I share a snapshot on Tuesday of what I'm eating these days.  

In honor of the first Pintxo Monday, I'm heading to what is really one of the best bars in San Sebastián : Bar Antonio.

Bar Antonio has these amazing trays of cured seafood and meat, alongside more amazing trays of vegetables in different states of rawness, all dripping with olive oil.  They slice up a little baguette round, toast it to order, and top it with salt-cured anchovy and green pepper (above and below), or cecina with parmesan, or boquerón with tomato, or.....

bar antonio ::: tosta de anchoa (cured anchovy toast)

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