Basque Country : The Cookbook


The day I never thought would come is finally HERE!

I'm so excited, like beyond excited, to reveal to you all, my friends and a loyal readers, the cover of my upcoming book, Basque Country, available now for pre-order and out in stores on September 4, 2018.  This book is over 300 pages of stories about Basque history, food, and culture. It includes over 100 of the most traditional recipes from all seven provinces of Basque Country.  

Since the moment I packed up house and moved to San Sebastián eight years ago, I knew there was something special about the Basques. I took a few years to absorb everything around me (the Basque cuisine is so much more than pintxos!) before beginning to work on this labor of love.

I've spent the last few years developing this, the book the Basques deserve—researching, interviewing professional chefs and retired fishermen, cooking in dining societies, waking up at dawn to head to asparagus fields, and perfecting recipes one by one. The result is a look at the most traditional, beloved recipes in Basque Country, complete with the history behind each one and the step-by-step process for recreating them, wherever you are in the world. 

My time in the Basque Country has shaped my beliefs and attitude toward food. From the prologue, by Bittor Arginzoniz of Asador Etxebarri, to the glossary on Basque words, this book is a labor of love dedicated to one of the world's most special nations. I so hope that everyone reads this, or at least browses its pages and feels their stomach growl, so that the Basque cuisine can continue to garner the recognition it deserves and so its people can continue to dig out their special place in history.

The Basques are a unique, noble people that are, most importantly, obsessed with good eating. Find out why (and what Basque cooking is really about) in my book, Basque Country. Also, stay tuned for dates on my US book tour, so I can meet you at an event near you.


I was so lucky to have the most amazing team in the making of this book...from the folks at Artisan/Workman Publishing, to the very talented photographer Simon Bajada, to my team of stylists extraordinaire, Susana Suarez and Sonia Tapia—not to mention friends and family that stood by me and made it possible.

I'm also honored that some really amazing people have said some really amazing things so far about it...

“Truly insider access, an authentic look at the traditions of one of the most incredible culinary regions of the world.”
José Andrés

A whole lot of love (and sweat and tears) went into the making of this book that just had to be made. I've never known a topic more worthy of in-depth food coverage, so I hope that all of you get your hands on the book and, more importantly, enjoy it:

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For more info on how to order internationally, check out the page on my freshly redesigned site dedicated to the book. You'll find links to order from wherever you are. I hope you love it!