Top 10 Things To Do in Bilbao, Spain (That Aren't the Guggenheim)

One of the most common questions I get after nearly ten years in Basque Country is: “I’m going to Bilbao, what is there to do besides the Guggenheim?” Bilbao is practically synonymous with Frank Gehry’s impressive Guggenheim museum. But once you’ve seen it (and snapped your selfie), dig a bit deeper into the varied and richly textured culture of this Basque capital. Recently I tackled the issue for The Telegraph, creating a list of the best things to do in Bilbao besides visiting The Museum or flying into the airport. Read the complete list and you, too, can revel in just how easy it is to feel like a Bilbaíno, a local of this former industrial hole turned European art world destination.



Top 10 Things to Do in Bilbao

10) Count down the seven streets.

The old town of Bilbao is a must visit, so let yourself get lost in the maze of zazpi kaleak.



9) SHOP at la ribera market

One of Europe’s largest covered food markets is an obligatory stop for foodies.

8) Cheer on atlético bilbao at San Mamés

The Bilbaíno’s blood runs red and white, and the home team enjoys immense support from a legendary and truly impressive stadium, San Mamés.

7) urban canoe your way through the city

This is my favorite way to see the sights! Even the Guggenheim takes on a fresh look from this unique point of view, paddling down the Nervión estuary.

6) marvel at oversized street art

Bilbao is home to some renowned pieces of gigantic street art, such as SpY’s Soñar mural. Standing before them in person is quite the impressive sight, and a fantastic alternative to the more ehem traversed art spaces in the city.

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